Below is a snippet from a recent BLOG post from our Digital Advertising partner and content marketing platform Vici Media…..

“Business owner responses to online reviews allow you to build relationships with customers, but they’re also public. When replying to your customers, particularly for negative reviews, keep the following guidelines in mind:

  1. Be nice. Don’t get personal. This isn’t just a guideline—it’s also a good idea as a business owner. It’s difficult to win an argument with a frustrated customer, and you want to avoid burning bridges. Keep your responses useful, readable, and courteous.

  2. Keep it short and sweet. Users are looking for useful and genuine responses, but they can easily be overwhelmed by a long response.

  3. THANK YOUR REVIEWERS! Respond to happy reviewers (and even the not so happy reviewers) when you have new or relevant information to share. You don’t need to thank every reviewer publicly, since each response reaches lots of customers.

  4. Don’t be a salesperson. Don’t be that guy. Your reviewers are already customers, so there’s no need to offer incentives or advertisements. Tell reviewers something new about your business, or share something they might not have learned from their first visit.

>>> To check out the full post from Vici Media you can find it HERE.