We worked on two photoshoots this year with Lambert Bridge. Both were full of creativity, inspiration and were driven through collaboration from their team and ours. Following up one of our latest blogs, Photography is Our Backbone, we wanted to share these two photoshoots with you because not only did we love every moment on set working with the creative team at Lambert Bridge, but we also were more than happy with the finished Photography.

In January we shot with Lambert Bridge for their Gilfillan Cabernet. This is a special wine as only 75 cases were produced and it retails for $150 per bottle. They expected to sell only around 10 cases but ended up selling out within a month and a half. The 4 hour photoshoot was accompanied by Erika Lindstrom, Marketing Director at Lambert Bridge, and Shelby Kolbin, Wine Club Manager. They both had so much great input and inspiration for the look and feel of how the photographs should be. The images were dark, sexy, and moody. There is nothing more rewarding than when you can make your Client happy and feel like they’ve gotten everything and more of what they wanted. The images below are some of our favorite Beauty Shots from that day and they turned out so well they are now implemented throughout Lambert Bridge’s website. Talk about utilizing Photography to its full extent.

The second photoshoot we worked on with Lambert Bridge was only a few weeks ago. The fun thing about this shoot was that it took on a completely different feel and look than the Gilfillan shoot. This time we were shooting for their spring release wines including the Rose, Sauvignon Blanc and Malbec (one of their upcoming club release wines), as well as their club recipe. The Beauty Shots revealed a summery feel with brighter highlights and colors centering in on the product. After finishing this shoot we were craving the sun and a cool glass of their delicious wine.