We at Left Coast marketing believe that this English idiom is true.  Have you ever sat silently and observed any one thing, whether it is a human face or an object?  Maybe a bottle of wine?  How many words do you think you may be able to write about that one thing?  Do those words fit on Twitter?

Whether you are a winery or sell a product, your company will benefit from capturing the essence of your product through photography.  We break our photography sets into three distinctive categories: Beauty Shots, Product Shots, and Event Photography.  Let’s go into more detail.  What IS a beauty shot?

  • Beauty Shots: Your product it it’s natural habitat.  If it’s wine, it may be on a table setting customized for the style of your brand and your customer.  If it’s jewelry, it may be worn on a model in the studio or outdoors with a natural backdrop.
  • Product Shots: Your product with a simple background.  *If you are a winery, you have heard our term “Bottle Shots,” and this is most definitely also a Product Shot.
    • Standard Product Shots: A Product Shot with a white background, used for line sheets, websites, Amazon, and other marketing materials.  The shot is taken straight on, and the entire piece is visible.
    • Premium Product Shots:  A Product Shot with a simple non-white background, such as wood slats or stone.  The shot is taken where the product is slanted and part of the piece gets cropped for the “close-up” feel.
  • Event Photography: Your business in action.  Whether these shots show your customer using your product or laughing amongst friends, the purpose is to offer real situations for potential customers to relate with.