Client Spotlight

Old Farm Winery at Hartland: Brand Launch

Old Farm Winery at Hartland recently just opened its doors in November 2021 and we were so excited to be a part of this process. Old Farm Winery lies on 35 acres of preserved 18th century farmland and newly-planted vineyards in Aldie, Virginia, with a charming renovated 19th century farmhouse and barn, outdoor bar, and expansive outdoor seating area.

It’s always exciting to be involved with a new brand and previous to working with Old Farm Winery, we didn’t know much about Virginia Wine Country until working with them. We learned there are a lot of different varietals and wine-making techniques than what we were previously familiar with here in Sonoma County.


The purpose of this project was to create an entirely new brand identity, collateral, and marketing launch plan for their new winery opening in Virginia.

We were able to create a brand identity that accurately represents who they are and that connects to their audience. Their new brand has been well-received and is continuing to grow today. Old Farm officially opened its doors this past Fall, and it was a blast to help get them to fulfill that major milestone!

What excited us most about this project was that our entire team of creatives (web/marketing/creative) was engaged in all aspects. Our small but mighty team of superheroes covered everything from the website to content development to photography and of course the creative.


To create an entirely new branding portfolio for this new upcoming Winery.

The biggest challenge was they wanted the farmhouse on the label and a part of the logo design, but it wasn’t built yet. We were designing as they were still in the bigging stages of the re-building.

Our head designer Sheree, took the architecture drawing and transferred it into the design style she wanted and added vineyards and trees to look like the property, which wasn’t completed until a year after we designed the logo. In the end, they were very appreciative of our work and very happy!


Goal: The goal was to create the first iteration of the Old Farm Winery website, and provide a landing place for all of their promotions as they launched the new winery. It was a totally new brand, so everything was being developed at the same time: logos, branding, labels, website and photos. AND time was of the essence with an opening date quickly approaching.

The biggest challenge was the timeline. There were email blasts and online advertisements being planned, and all of that needed a website to point to. It was a tight turnaround with a new site needed in about a week.

How we solved this:
Luckily we use WordPress and our go-to Avada theme which offers an awesome page builder. We were able to create the site quickly and effectively! Overall, everything went smoothly and the website is continuing to grow today, with a new online store launching this year.



To drive awareness for their new winery in the Virginia wine region. We have been working with their company Winery at Bull Run and were ecstatic about the opportunity to help them launch and promote their new brand.

The biggest challenge we faced was driving awareness for their brand which was new to the region and doing so while the winery and tasting room were still under construction. We were limited on the image assets in particular that we typically utilize to support any campaign.

How we solved this:
We tackled this problem from both a Digital Marketing perspective as well as old-school Direct Marketing with a mailer. First, we developed a comprehensive Digital Marketing campaign to promote the property. We then proceeded to trickle out the campaign assets across web, email, social as well as a targeted digital ad campaign for a handful of zip codes utilizing our digital advertising platform with native advertising capabilities sprinkled across hundreds of online publications. Finally, we ran a direct mail campaign in parallel touching households within 50 miles of the new tasting room.


Showcasing a brand effectively is not a simple, one-size-fits-all task. But, the businesses that put in the investment to expertly brand and market their offerings have the most success in the end – and you don’t have to do it alone!

We’re a team of experts available to help you every step of the way. Since we specialize in this area, mind the trends in the market and have varied skills to provide everything you need, your brand is safe with us. Not to mention, outsourcing your branding/marketing allows you to focus on the areas of your business that need your special attention.

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