Get Your Holiday Campaigns Ready Early This Year

It’s 100 degrees and all through the office, all our designers were stirring, it was a Pre-Holiday Caucus.

Ok, you may think we’re crazy with this holiday talk as we sit sweating through the early stages of summer. But getting ahead of your holiday campaign business planning now, will save you time, money, and energy when the season is in fully swing.

Here some things to think about to prevent a real Nightmare Before Christmas.

Print Design and Design Production: Inserts and brochures and order forms, Oh My! Don’t fear the volume of pending print materials you’ll need. You have access to the best print services and prices courtesy of Left Coast Printing. That means from kick-off to concept to print design to delivery of your holiday catalog and beyond, we have a full-service print design and production program set up so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy that hot chocolate. Extra whip, right?

 Start Making Your List. We’ll Check It Twice.

o   Holiday Cards

o   Shipment Inserts

o   Order Forms

o   Postcards

o   Holiday Catalogs

Product Photography: Our Studio Photography team is at the ready to get those product photos shot so you can be ready to post, add photos to graphic designs, and update your website with your latest product releases and special holiday product photography. That’s a wrap(ping paper)!

Digital Marketing: The summer months are perfect for brainstorming and getting budgets lined up for your supporting digital marketing campaigns. Whether you’re pushing for corporate gifting, a holiday gala, or a special holiday gift set, let’s talk about the most efficient spend of your end of year marketing budget for the most effective digital marketing channel. We’ll set it up, and come holiday time, you’ll be ready to jingle all the way.

o   SEO – now is the time to start implementing best SEO practices so your website is primed and ready to search! We’ll put our keyword elves to work.

o   Content Marketing – we are ready to build your blog and email content so everything is ready to send with a click of a button. Just add gumdrops.

o   Native Advertising – your campaign concept is the Gingerbread House, and Native Advertising is the icing that puts it all together. Let’s put your biggest initiative to the world wide web with custom content, paid traffic, and a concept that converts!

 Ready, Set, Rudolph! Get on board with our pre-holiday planning by sending us a note here. This is the year you are so ahead of the game, and we’re looking forward to spreading holiday cheer with you (right after we finish this beer in our board shorts…).