Embarking upon Fall has us all waking up a little earlier and going to bed a little later to prepare for the holiday crunch.  Whether you are going through Harvest or preparing inventory for the gifting season, there is indefinitely a never-ending list.  With the turn of seasons, we have also turned into a team here at Left Coast Marketing.  We are ready to take on your list.  Meet the new team.  Fun and professional – full of spunk, and ready to sail this ship.

Kareem Elhadidi

Outgoing and always on time. I’m here to lighten the load and take some things off your plate… maybe take you golfing… Cheers!

Email me: Kareem@LeftCoastMarketing.com

Alicia Connell

As a chemist with a color wheel, I carry a magic wand for your down days of feeling the business blues.  A true trail blazer that can transform wacky into wonderful!

Email me: Alicia@LeftCoastMarketing.com

Chelsea Bond

Branding is my cup of tea.  Every design I touch takes into account the complexities of your target customer, your mission statement, and worldly trends.  It’s like science!

Email me: Chelsea@LeftCoastMarketing.com