If you would like to boost your holiday sales with a holiday catalog, magazine, or “maga-log” — either through a digital or a print version — we advise that we begin the process right away. You see, we love creating sexy, compelling, and inspiring marketing solutions for our clients, and the elements involved in your custom publishing projects may include:

  • Design & Layout
  • Copywriting
  • Product photography
  • Project management
  • Printing (Digital & Offset)
  • Digitize the publication
  • Track your statistics
  • and all the steps in between…

Where else are you going to go to find all of these pieces to your puzzle? Left Coast Marketing makes it easy. We can take your catalog or magazine from concept to delivery, and all the steps in between…and we’ll have fun doing it, too!

Want to learn more about your custom publishing options? We’ll show you how you can get digitally creative with Left Coast Marketing. Contact us today and let’s discuss which custom publications are more likely to boost your holiday sales.

Get Digitally Creative With Left Coast Marketing!