Every week we get to work on product shots ranging from all our different Clients. Stacey, one of our excellent photographers, takes you in a behind the scenes look to her weekly routine and creative process.

Stacey has always had an eye for design. She has been working in the wine/hospitality Industry for the last 20 years which has enabled her to stay creative with designing events, tablescape’s, merchandising, etc. Beauty shots and lifestyle shots allow her to translate her passion for design to another field – photography! Being a part-time photographer at Left Coast since day one she is now going full-time and enjoying every minute of it.

“It all starts with the label”, Stacey tells. Whether it is white, red, rose…the label determines the feel of the shot.  Unless given direction from a Client, Stacey moves through her creative process in testing different table settings, backdrops, photo styling with props, and lighting all to capture the true beauty of each bottle.

“Lighting is the most important!”

With the right lighting and angles of light the bottle can give off a different mood. It can create shadows or white out specific spots, all to create a sense of emotion or feeling to convey.

The post production is where the fun comes in. It is where perfection takes place between editing the colors and pulling out shadows where they do not belong. A lot of time and detail go into this step to ensure the final product is what the Client needs.

One of the greatest challenges photographers face is making sure they are on the same page as the Client.  Photography is subjective and sometimes a photographer will try something and really like it but is not sure if the Client will like it as well. But that challenge is rewarded when the Client is happy, and that is one the best things about photography. Being able to be creative, having fun setting up photoshoots and making sets and shots look pretty are all the best parts in doing product photography. As Stacey and many other photographers would say, seeing your photograph on a Clients website, advertisement, in store displays, or anywhere is the best part because you know you made that Client happy and that is most rewarding.