website is the “look and feel” to any company. It is where your Clients, Prospects and Former Clients come to see what makes you unique in this world. Organization, visuals, and navigation are among the many aspects of a website that in whole creates a brand personality that one can recognize in just a few clicks. At Left Coast Marketing, we have expanded our creative services and are offering Web Design because we feel it is important for every business or company to build their web presence and back it up with great visual design.

Tony Immordino, our web guru, has worked with many of our current Clients and new Clients to rebuild their websites from either the ground up or improve upon what they originally had. Tony has the eye for design and the brains behind the tedious technology we call Web Design.

Some websites that we have worked on include: Oestermann WinesRJV WinesGuerrero FernandezAkrasia CellarsCorley Family Monticello Vineyards, development for Mia’s Kitchen, and Prime Solum!

We are also excited to announce that Healdsburg Taproom & 5 Bridges Winery websites will be launching soon.

“When looking at these projects as a collective whole, the thing that stands out the most to me is the wide breadth of design styles, platforms, and client types we have been working with.  Each website is unique in it’s own right, and carefully tailored to each client’s needs.  Some are large scale winery operations, others are small boutique wineries and family run businesses, and there is everything in-between.

Also rather than sticking to our “platform of choice” as an agency, we have been able to shift and work between various platforms depending on the clients needs and budget.  Covering websites in the world of WordPress and Squarespace, and now branching out into the larger framework of Vin65 software.  This is great because each website is totally unique from the first kickoff meeting to launch day, nothing “cookie cutter” about it.  Each one tells a different story, and has a different goal.” -Tony, Web Developer & Designer