More stories from the world of wine product photography…we recently had the opportunity to recreate an image for one of our favorite clients that was originally produced by another photographer (although it appeared that this may have been a treated photo). We were up for the task. It could have been a clever exercise in Photoshop which we also do in certain cases but for this exercise we chose to remain pure to the art of photographing glass..and deliver a legitimate photo comparable to our sample shot.

Our new photography studio in Dry Creek Valley has an inventory of various props and as you can probably tell from our website gallery we tend to lean towards Bottle Shots and Wine Photography with a rustic look/feel. This particular wine bottle photography project was fun because we had the challenge of recreating the lighting setup, background, surface, and wine bottle lineup (we had 1 extra bottle) with a completely different set of photography tools and props.

After a couple of hours in the studio and working our magic in Lightroom & Photoshop we delivered the final set of images to our client. Ultimately there is varied opinions on which photo is “better” and I will reserve my own biased opinions but our client was very pleased which is the most important thing, and we now have a fun story for our BLOG. Mission accomplished! Without further adieu…below is the before and after comparison.

Tell us what you think! And please be kind 🙂